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What is it?

The SmartUps Academy is looking for a few good companies. The Academy is a year-long program for early-stage businesses seeking investment. A select group of 5 to 10 companies will work on their product, on developing customers, on their business, and (at the end) on an investor pitch – to make as much headway on their business as possible. The Academy starts with 3-months of intensive training followed by 9 months of check-in meetings to stay on course The initial 3-month period concludes with an Investor Demo Day, where the participating companies show their product, and pitch investors.

Where will the boot camp be held?

The Academy will be held at the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce, 1401 Willamette St. Eugene, OR

Is this a seed investment fund?

No, we do not have a fund to make investments – at least not yet. This program includes coaching, weekly entrepreneurship programs, and investor involvement. It’s all focused on helping early-stage startups accelerate their launch and raise their chances of success.

How will you pick the start-up participants?

A group of CEO coaches and investors will review the written applications and interview those that seem like the best fit.

What kinds of company can apply?

We’re accepting applications from all types of companies. The key question in enrolling is: would the Academy, including plenty of time with coaches and investors, help your company make significant headway toward getting investor ready? The investors on the vetting committee will be applying the same criteria they’d apply to any seed-level investment that they might consider.

Are you looking for pre-revenue companies, or companies that have revenue?

Could be either. Again, the question is: can Academy help them make significant headway toward getting investor ready?

How many start-ups will you accept?

We’re planning on between 5 and 10 start-ups.

When will the boot camp start?

The kick-off event is on Friday, May 11 at 1pm.

How much of my time will this take?

The vast majority of your time during the Academy will be spent doing what you’re doing now: working on your product, your customers, and your business. The primary time spent each week is an hour of CEO coaching, a four hour seminar and topics relating to growing a business. As demo week approaches, you’ll spend additional time getting coaching on your pitch.

What will the weekly programs cover?

The weekly programs will primarily feature experienced start-up CEOs and investors. They’ll talk about lessons learned – things that worked, and things that didn’t work. We’ll talk about common mistakes, and how to avoid them. Topics will include:

  • Common startup mistakes to avoid
  • About Stock
  • Business Models
  • Market Validation and Customer Development
  • Developing Financial Projections
  • Disruptive versus Sustaining Innovation
  • Protect your Intellectual Property
  • The Fund Raising Process
  • The Investor Pitch


How much does it cost?

There is no cost to apply. Once accepted into the Academy, payment of $750 is due within 48 hours.


What are the other benefits of enrolling?

Aside from hours of development with startup experts and the opportunity to pitch your business in front of individual accredited investors and investment organizations, you will also gain access to OTBC online resources and Palo Alto’s LivePlan


How do I apply?

Complete a SmartUps Academy Application.


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